Sunday, October 03, 2010

A fan letter!

Well, well, well, a fan letter. My first (and my first review so far). I was so chuffed and I have to reproduce it here (watch out, there are a couple of spoilers):


I read the book in one swoop. I couldn’t put it down. I fell in love with Sam, all the heartache, all the pain and insults he went through and he turned out to be a finer person than most people growing up in luxury. In a way Alex did too, that’s part of the reason the boys were drawn together which lasted into adulthood. I loved how Sam loved animals and people. Sam fought for what he thought was right, his sister, his homeless friend and most of all for Alex who he’d loved from childhood. Sam did not take Alex away from his family. I was sad for Sam but he did what he thought was right, he knew what it was like to have no parents to love you. He couldn’t let Alex’s child suffer the same fate. This story is too special to rush through like I did. I will read it again.

Thank you Torry!