Friday, October 22, 2010

On the publishing circuit

As you know now (and you should because I've been pushing it like mad) my new novel, "Perfect Score" has been published. Awe-Struck Publishing do send it out to hundreds of places for promotion and reviews but the author is expected to have his/her own platform too, fair's fair.


A blog (ahem - like this one) makes part of a platform. But the problem with a blog is, how do you get people to follow you? Yes, I know you can read - and follow - as many blogs on the subject as you can possibly find in a day and make intelligent remarks in the comments section. But that doesn't mean a thing, except you get jelly-brain after 24 hours at it. You see, people just do not automatically follow you back - to tell you truth, people hardly ever respond to your comments either. You can write on a variety of subjects (ahem) and attract all kinds of readers that way. That doesn't seem to have worked either. Perhaps it's the subjects... Never mind, I'll keep plugging away - chin up, that's what I say.

Other instruments for your platform are taking part in: Facebook (Sue Monte) and Twitter (suemont) and writers' sites (Litopia). Then you can pimp away like crazy until everyone's sick of seeing your name and skip over you.

Do I sound disheartened? Not at all because... can guest-blog. So to all my wonderful, much loved and coveted followers: here's a delightful blog from today: