Monday, November 08, 2010

Book Promotion - how it works

As everyone in the world must sure know by now, my book was e-published (details on this page) in September. Since then I've been working relentlessly to promote it, even though the publishers also do their stuff.

For me this constant pimping is all new: joining every writing/reviewing/book site I can find and pimping; twittering until no-one reads the twit any more, face-booking until no-one leaves any comments (just the obligatory "like" from my friends); guest-blogging; giving away free books.

And now there's something new: blog hopping. That was last Friday but from the hundreds of new followers I was supposed to get - I got one.

Well, here we go again. Today is another new experience. From 8.00am Midwest USA time go to this site: and...