Saturday, November 13, 2010


Ah ha! Gotcha, scalliwags!

Did you know that if you do not have the permission of the author or the publisher when you download a free book, then you are breaking the law? Hmmm? That means you'll walk the plank, or at the very least be much, much poorer after paying a hefty fine (or even imprisonment).

And it's no good stamping your foot and saying, "I want a free book, it's not fair!" Fair? Is it fair to take away an author's or a publisher's livelihood? Something they've sweated over and worked long and hard for? Haven't you ever heard of stealing or sparing a thought for people who need their "pieces of eight"?

And if you are one of those lily-livered buccaneers who hide your true identity in your profile by saying that you're a hard-working mom, then I sincerely hope that your days are numbered. Because they're onto you.

Gail Koger, a former 911 dispatcher, recently gave this interview on CBS: watch it here.

To authors who are worried about this, there are several things you can do:
 - Take care who you upload your book to - that hard-working "mom" may well be one of these pirates.
- Stay away from all those torrents sites you see listed. Sometimes they are caught and closed down but they generally return after a few days.
- If you're not sure whether you've been pirated or not, Google your name or book title.
- If you want to stop copyright infringement, go here and click on S. 3804. It will take you to the poll and you can vote.
- If you, as a copyright holder, want to be heard, then go here and send the email they ask for.

It is so tempting to download a free book, but please, next time - think twice.


  1. There's a nice hot place waiting for people who steal the works of others. And I don't mean "warm and cozy" hot.

  2. LOL Carol. I hope so.

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