Thursday, February 03, 2011


Two good friends have their books published today Feb 4th. Coincidence or what?

 Ladies first: Emma Shortt's "The Valentine's Fae" is published by  

 Here's a quick blurb: 
A Valentine’s Fairy who doesn’t believe in love, a human who can’t let go... can one wish change them both?

It’s her first year as the Valentine’s fairy and Amelia has been given an impossible task. Gavin Peters wants his ex-girlfriend back but fae magic can’t make people fall in love. If Amelia is to complete her task she’ll have to get creative, and that creativity includes ignoring her own, rapidly developing, feelings for the human she’s been tasked with.

Gavin has pined for his ex-girlfriend for months so when his kooky new secretary Amelia offers him a wish he knows exactly what to request. But when his ex returns Gavin begins to wonder if what he’s wished for is really what he wants. Can his Valentine’s fairy grant him another wish, and if so, will that wish bring them more than either could ever have imagined?

Why don't you join her at evernightpublishing to help her celebrate today?

And next...
 Steve Emmett. Yay! 

Steve's "Diavolino" is published by

So join Steve on his Facebook Page: here to celebrate Diavolino's release.

And he already has a review!

'Steve Emmett's mastery of prose was evident to me when I received the manuscript of Diavolino. I enjoyed editing the riveting supernatural thriller. He effectively weaves in the details of the various settings with knowledge gleaned from personal experience. Steve transports the reader to the enchanting Lake Trasimeno area in Italy. However, he masterfully glazes the area with a layer of evil. Characters that are very well developed and engaging help to immerse the reader in the action. Anyone who reads Diavolino will anticipate the sequel from this talented writer.'
Patricia La Barbera

Patricia La Barbera is an author and professional editor. For more information you can visit her website: 

 GOOD LUCK to both of you


  1. Thanks Sue!

    I'm also giving away release pressies, visit my blog for more info. :-)

    And best of luck to Steve! x

  2. Already read The Valentine's Fae and can't wait to read Diavolino! Two fabulous authors!!

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