Tuesday, March 22, 2011

For Writers on the Slush Pile

Hello. Procrastinating again? I don't blame you one little bit. You can learn quite a lot doing just that.

Today I discovered a blog from a Lowenstein Associates' agent. 

 Oh boy, just this weekend she received 175 queries. Just this weekend. It's enough to throw your quill in the air and pity the poor agent.

Take a little look at what happened to the majority of those queries: full text

I think I like number 48 best. Which is the one that touches you?


  1. Great post and link to blog. I did LOL at #48, but thought #46, won't represent Book 2 if Book 1 was self-published, was shortsighted.

    I recently signed up for the A to Z challenge and saw your blog listed so I just stopped by to say "Hi".
    I look forward to reading your alphabet posts in April.

  2. Hi Gail.
    Yes, #46 is shortsighted - they should check on sales before they make that comment, I reckon. It might've sold a million.
    Oh don't talk to me about alphabet posts - scares the living daylights out of me!
    Thanks for commenting.

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