Friday, April 01, 2011

An Author's Treasure Trove - A

Today sees the kick off to the  A-Z blogging Challenge. Oh you're going to see a lot of me this month. Why not join us (click on the link above)? Go on - I dare you.

Right, back to business. Hands up anyone who's noticed a change in this blog? What? No? Do keep up. If you look carefully you'll see the whole caboodle has been cleaned up, licked into shape, and now it's almost smart - almost I said. There're still a few bits and pieces to sort out, but it looks much better - in my opinion.

Now, just why has this happened? Because I found a Treasure Trove. And I want to share it with you.

As a fairly new author I'm very much involved with the marketing side of things (oh my sainted aunt) and I'm always on the hunt for interesting sites. In my wanderings I landed here: Novel Publicity.

Take a look at Novel Publicity because as writers and readers I can assure you that you'll find many interesting tidbits. 

I signed up to be a Blog Host for their author tours. I wasn't too optimistic but, lo and behold, within a day a new post landed in my email. Emlyn Chand from Novel Publicity was offering to take a look at my blog and give me professional feedback. Sure, why not? 

Oh boy, was my blog out of sorts. She sent me a detailed report on what was wrong and how to go about correcting it. Within two weeks, I'd noticed a difference in traffic and followers. Now, it's not quite up to her standards but it soon will be and she's kindly letting me be a host for her carefully nurtured authors. Lauracea is published on their website for all to see and, once the blog hosting is underway, I'll be plastered all over the marketing-world. And how much did it cost me? Not a penny.

Take a look at the site, and tell me what you think.