Saturday, April 02, 2011

B = Bad Attitude and Britishisms.

I'm sure everyone in the publishing world has read the story of the self-published author who shot herself in the foot and might as well say, bye-bye publishing career. I'm not going to give the link here, suffice to say her book was reviewed and received 2 stars. The author then went bananas on the reviewer's thread with some very ripe - and badly written - comments. She referred to her Amazon page where she has two or three 5 star reviews (hmmm...all with her surname, thank you mummy, auntie and greatgrandmum), and she told the reviewer to go have carnal knowledge. Oh - and she said he was American and therefore didn't understand her British English. Whoops!

The whole sorry tale went viral within a day. 

It's an author's dream to go viral on the internet, but not like that. An author worth his/her salt knows this isn't how to go about responding to reviews. 

But the villain-of-the-piece's final remarks got me thinking about Britishisms and Americanisms. Do we have trouble understanding each other? I have no problem at all, but then I'm an Americanophile.

So just to finish off, citizens of the USA do you understand: barrister, solicitor as opposed to lawyer,  
bonnet not referrring to head apparel,  
boot not referring to footwear,  
caretaker nothing to do with taking care of someone,  
constable not the artist, 
drawing pin, 
mean (doesn't mean angry), 
car crash.

Americans, feel free to test us Brits out. I'm still not sure what a spigot is.