Thursday, April 07, 2011

F = Feckless

Hello, my name's Sue and I'm addicted to Ellen C. Maze's books. Oh you knew that already? Can't imagine how...

Since today's letter is "F" what better day to review Feckless - Tales of Supernatural, Paranormal and Downright Presumptuous Ilk

Lovely title, isn't it? Especially in these days of one-word titles: Socks, Crumbs, Help.
For me a short story anthology is perfect to dip into. And what glorious dipping this led to. Because of the array of talented contributing authors I found myself laughing outright ("Vegas" by Ellen C. Maze), trembling to my toenails ("Bully"), and fascinated ("Hunk" by Angela Dolbear). There's never a dull moment as each author's favorite genre comes to the fore - science fiction, poetic prose, you name it, it's there. "Possessed" by Ellen is a mouth-watering teaser for her upcoming novel INDWELLING. Read the story and you'll be gnashing your teeth for the new publication. But one of the greatest and happiest surprises were the stories by Elizabeth Little. "Pink Slip" is roar-out-loud funny. It's about an employer who has to fire his employee because of his strange antics at new moon;  "Imprisoned" where the prisoner meets the Devil (I think it's the Devil, if it's not then it's someone very bad indeed). But my favorite was "Friends". Here we meet Jacob and Aroul on their way to the Elves' territory because Aroul has fallen for one of the elves. Ahem, it should be mentioned that Aroul has had a promotion and he's now officially Death. Oh my word. This fast-paced story tells us how Jacob fared the night in Death's castle and what a tale it is, although it finished far too quickly. I'll never forget the creature whose neck's been broken so his head dangles somewhere in the vicinity of his belly-button. To my relief I see "Friends" is another little foretaster. It's been adapted from Elizabeth Little's second novel, "Twilight Nova: Book Two of the Evershade Series is to be released in 2012. 

Ah the future looks bright...