Saturday, April 16, 2011

N = Narrow-minded

Is being narrow-minded the same as being ignorant? The definition of narrow-minded is "lacking tolerance and breadth of view". And the definition of ignorance is "lacking knowledge".

As writers we come across one of these characteristics every day and, as writers, I'm sure you all have your own stories to tell.

Mine are well known. I've already blogged about people's attitude towards me now I've written an M/M novel: here . The problem is, they hear it's about two gay men and they immediately jump to conclusions and so are not even prepared to read it. Ignorance or narrow-mindedness?

Others (usually literary professionals) are not prepared to read "Perfect Score" because it has a prologue, an epilogue (shock, horror) AND alternating chapters with first and third person POVs. Wowza - let's hang her from the nearest tree! That so goes against the rules of publishing. But, yah-boo-sucks, it got published, folks. And why? Because it works and the rule-breaking is necessary - according to those who have read it, as well as my publisher and editor. I'll break rules if I don't agree with them or if I think they're unfair. So, in my opinion, if something works in writing - do it, but justify and know why you do it. 

Another example of narrow-mindedness is many people's attitude towards self-published authors. I'm not self-published but I don't consider myself any better than those that are. Of course, there're always exceptions, but look at Amanda Hocking and her success. I'll never reach the heights she's achieved (yet).

So what do you think? Are these examples of narrow-mindedness or ignorance? Oh, by the way, the picture I posted here illustrates ignorance :-)