Monday, April 18, 2011

O = Oh, I didn't know that, yes I did.

From the Guardian Article
Here's a fabulous link about the rules of writing. Please don't sigh and move onto the next blog. Come back! There won't be a quiz I promise.
Ten Rules of Writing

Some of them are annoying (taken from link): 

1. Never use an adjective : Oh come on. Of course you can. And you should, otherwise your writing will be drab (an adjective! shock, horror).  Sparingly - that's the key.
2. Avoid prologues.  We've talked about that before.
3. Never open a book with the weather. I guess this originates from "It was a dark, stormy night". But why not? If it works.
4. Don't write in public places. I'm not sure why.
5. I'm not sure why I have to Read Keats's poems or learn poems by heart so if you do, perhaps you'll enlighten me.
6. Don't write reviews. Any ideas why that's a 'no-no'?

But the ones I agree with are these: 

1. Keep your exclamation marks under control
2. Use regional dialects sparingly
3. Think of what you skip reading in a novel 
4. Always have something with you to write on
5. Keep a Thesaurus
6. Only calm down once you reach page 50
7. Restrict internet browsing (oh, I wonder who's guilty of that one?)
8. Do not keep searching Amazon for the book you haven't written (ditto, ahem)
9. Avoid clichés (and that also means be careful with your metaphors we talked about the other day).

And the ones I love best are: Do not place a photograph of your favorite author on your desk, especially if he committed suicide! And: Have Fun!