Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A-Z Challenge W = Well, well, well

I told you I know how to pick ‘em, didn’t I? Two successes in a very short time.

First off, I’m so pleased to announce that Ann Nibbs – who was interviewed here just two days ago – received a publishing deal from Etopia Press. Hearty congratulation to Ann, who writes under the name, Catherine Cavendish and I promise more details will follow. But you heard about her here don’t forget!

And secondly, you’ll remember the interview with Carolyn Rosewood who talked about her newly published novel, The Last Soul. I’ve read it and I’d like to put the review here:

Carolyn has an enviable writing style which goes straight to the bull’s-eye. No superfluous nattering for her. In The Last Soul, I was plunged headlong into the action with heroine Faina (who’s been dead for 150 years) being bullied by her demon “boss” Mastema – a hideous creature you never wish to meet. Faina’s “job” is to seduce evil humans into signing their souls away and she’s very proficient at her job. This will be her last assignment, after which she’ll be made human again which is her dearest wish. All she has to do is seduce Jace Blackmon. The only problem is, he has a squeaky-clean past. Oh, and there’s another difficulty: Faina falls in love with him - not a good sign if she has to get this handsome hunk to sign his soul away.

Carolyn is skilled at witty repartee and this short novel had me grinning from ear to ear. Faina’s sassy character puts an intriguing spin on the plot and there are no clear answers until the story romps to an end. If you like sizzling sex scenes then you’ll not be disappointed, but for those who prefer “subtlety”, these episodes (and there are quite a few of them) are also romantic, loving and sweet. The author has managed to combine the two styles with success which I think will please everyone.

I had a wonderful time throughout this story but I had to have a fan close by (and that’s a warning!). Carolyn has created characters you’ll care about and remember forever.

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