Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bits and Bobs and Author Advice

A picture of the Lauracea forest in Madeira
(courtesy of Dr. Raimundo Quintal)
 First off - would you like to know something ELSE about me? Are you just a little bit curious? It might surprise you! Go on...take a look.

I'm being interviewed here:
Karenna asks some wonderful question: LOL - which planet am I from? I mean to say...

Karenna will be interviewed here soon and I'm thinking up some wicked questions :)

Next bit. I read so many blogs and glean a lot of interesting information. This latest one is from one of my lovely followers: Donna Weaver's I was particularly interested on her take about showing and telling (which is one of my bugbears).

Donna gives us a list of verbs that are a signal that you are showing and not telling (I'm not reproducing them here - go take a look). I checked my manuscript and was relieved that I had NONE of them except "felt" which I immediately stomped on. Still, showing has been a problem for me since the day I first put pen to paper.

If you also take a look in the comments of that post, there's some excellent advice from "Anonymous" about head-hopping, how to construct scenes and build drama. Perhaps if I have Anonymous's comment in mind when I'm writing then I'll cure myself: The author should be invisible.

Thank you Donna for your post and thank you for making me "think" and reconsider. 

Another site I've had contact with is Book Country . Now, I'm not planning on "getting to the top", being "voted number one", hoping for a "book contract from Penguin" or whoever it is (some hopes), but I needed to get an unbiased opinion about the first two chapters of my WIP because we all know how important THEY are. I'm glad I did because after posting I received four excellent reviews - all from strangers - which gave me some helpful pointers. They all had one thing in common: I was using the Passive Voice too much. Well, well, well. So off I went to check for all incidents of  "was and were". My, my, my - who'd'a thought I was a Passive-girl :) Another teeny-weeny faux pas they picked up on was the scene in which I have my character lying down in his hammock one second and the next moment he appears in the doorway with a cup of coffee in his hand! Very skilled my character :)

Have a great Sunday