Saturday, June 18, 2011

Beautifully Written Review

Marina delVecchio has some pretty haunting writing on her website: here .
She's a very special lady.

She also produces the most beautifully written reviews and I was lucky enough to "nab" her to read my book. Look what she said:

As different as they are, Alex and Sam are like two halves of a glimmering star: they travel on divergent paths, fated to one another. Separately, these two young men deal with being misunderstood and ostracized: one for being a snooty and ego-centric rich kid; the other for being different due to his speech impediments and dyslexia. But together, they become strong forces, realizing that one needs the other to overcome the burdens of familial betrayals, personal responsibilities, and the scary part that comes with leaning on someone else. Susan Roebuck does a wonderful job moving the story forward by fastening an edginess to the conflicts each young man faces. This novel is filled with excitement, portraying the complexities of family dynamics, personal responsibilities, moral dilemmas, and fulfilling one's dreams and passions when everyone tells you that it's "wrong."

Of course, the most riveting part of this book is the character of Sam. In her ability to envision this character and to establish his complexities with such intricate and capable brush strokes is a wonderful gift. He is simple and yet a multi-dimensional character whose goodness and uniqueness drives the development of Alex's character from thinking about himself to thinking about others. Sam is like a Holden Caulfield who sees the world and its inhabitants with clarity and in all its shades and colors. Nothing gets past him, and yet his ability to empathize with the needs of others and to lend himself to them without asking for anything in return indicates the utter depth of this character. His presence resonates and clings to memory and heart  long after the book is finished. 

Sigh. There's just something so gratifying when someone reads your book and "gets it" - don't you agree?


  1. Yes! It's not just that they enjoy it, but that they get it.
    And I'm sorry! I need to add your book to my list of awesome authors. I knew I missed somebody.

  2. It was my pleasure, Sue! And of course I do not mind if you write about me. Thanks for plugging my blog. I really enjoyed reading your book. Sam's still with me.

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