Friday, June 24, 2011

Main Character BlogFest is here!

  Today is Elizabeth Mueller’s Getting to Know Your MC Blogfest. And there are PRIZES! 

Thanks to Jeannie Campbell and her wonderful blog (if you sign up for her newsletter, you'll get a copy of the "Writer's Guide to Character Motivation"). So today there are hundreds of participants who will be asking their main character three questions, which is an excellent way to get to know them. 

So here I go:

Leo Shine is one the main characters in my new, not-yet-published novel "When the Moon Fails".
I'm going to ask him three questions. Stick around!

1. Leo, what is your greatest fear?

Are you kidding me? You reckon I'm a piss-pants scaredy cat or are you trying to get into my head? OK, seeing as it's you... I'm a guy who's been crab trawling in the Bering Sea for months on end, and who's been washed overboard into seas so cold they could freeze your...sorry, ladies present. Where was I? Goddamn that sea was cold, enough to turn anyone looney-tunes. But not me. You lookin' at them doughnuts? Wish you'd look at me like that sometimes. My biggest fear? Ending up a crazy old soak. How's that? 

2. What's your greatest accomplishment?

(rolls eyes) I'm still expanding my horizons but, I guess you want a proper answer. Can you just run that through me again? Ah right, accomplishment...I survived being raised in the middle of nowhere - it's called Alaska. You want something else? Boy, I love it when you sweet talk me. I guess you could say that I can walk into any crumby crab-fisherman's bar and not throw up? Boy you really are something, wanting more than that. How about drinking a bottle and a half of vodka and not fall over? No good? Jeez, you ain't foolin' around, are ya? Saved my brother from a brown bear once. How? Told him to stay put (my brother, not the bear). And did he? No - he scrambled outta there like bejesus. Still reckon I saved him though 'cos the bear didn't go after him. It was looking the other  way, in any case, more interested in stalking a chipmunk. I'm ready for your next question now. Fact is, I'm ready for anything, especially if it's blonde, has long legs and in a thong.

3. What's your biggest regret? 

Biggest? Honey, I have so many I could fill a saga. OK - here's the list: I swiped my brother Tom's girlfriends from him; I never paid attention at school; I drink too much; going out with far too many girls not famed for the strength of their knicker elastic; I couldn't pinpoint the spot my Dad's boat went down so he and my brother drowned; I didn't see my Ma for two months before she died alone; I never said goodbye to her; I didn't hang onto that greenhorn on the crab trawler like I should'a done and he got washed overboard. You reckon I'm done now? Great - let's go hit the town, you're paying.