Monday, August 29, 2011

The Show is Ready to Roll...


I'm very proud to be an Awe-Struck Published author. Over this past year I've discovered that my fellow authors from Awe-Struck and Mundania are not slow in coming forward: they're always ready to share ideas, super reads and general writing information.
A group of my fellow authors and I have decided that we'd like to share these interests with you, and I think you'll be fascinated at what's about to be revealed! 
Starting September 4, for 8 weeks, 8 of us will be "baring all" to reveal what's on our minds about all aspects of writing and reading. I think you'll find some little gems in the blog-tour. Take a look at the authors' schedule (and check out everyone's books on their sites):

Susan Roebuck (that's me) - 

Skyla Dawn Cameron - 

Jana Richards -

Check in with me on September 4 when the show gets rolling.