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Awe-Struck/Mundania Publishing Authors' Blog Tour - Sharon Poppen

It's the second week of the Awe-Struck/Mundania Authors' Blog Tour. And today we have Sharon Poppen on Lauracea.

Hi Sue, Thanks for inviting me to stop by your blog and allowing me share my writing efforts with your readers. Opportunities like this are so welcome when it comes to marketing our books. The creative writing comes easy, but the submitting to editors and marketing is a challenge for me. I even enjoy the editing process. It’s just the administrative part of this writing world that I don’t enjoy. Except for book signings, I do love meeting my readers face to face. I’ve been writing seriously for about ten years and it still has the glow of excitement for me when my characters take shape and begin to play their parts in the plots I’ve imagined. It’s even fun when the characters have a mind of their own and you find you have to make a plot change to accommodate an aspect of their character that you hadn’t planned on. I’ve been asked some questions about writing, so I thought I’d share these with you now. 

Find out about Sharon's books and take a look at how Sharon answers my very simple (ahem) questions :) Check out what she'd really like to be:

Sue : Tell us  five things most people wouldn't know about you just by reading your blogs/social media.

I’d like to be an astronaut and fly off into outer space. I lived that dream vicariously in my novel ‘Regardless’ that is due for release in Sept. 2012. I’m a ‘Law & Order’ television show junkie (all versions – original, SVU, CI, LA). I drove late model super-stock racecars a couple of times. I love going to the movies (comedy, drama, sci-fi). I do at least one crossword puzzle every day.

Sue: Choose two characters from your own book/books and write five things about them that readers may not know from reading the novels.

I usually write in omniscient point of view so I think my readers really get to know my characters good points as well as their quirks and dark moods. But what readers don’t know is that in ‘Abby-Finding More Than Gold’, I used personal names and places from my past. Abby’s last name is my great-grandmothers maiden name. Mary Ann Barren had the same positive attitude reflected in Abby. Tommy Findlay was the name of my first boyfriend. Abby was born in Chicago and raised in a large Catholic family as was I. Her travels reflect my travels, except I made them in a nice air-conditioned car, not horse drawn wagons. Tommy’s time with the Indians results from my years in Albuquerque, NM and visiting cities like Encampment, Colo., along with many other cities in New Mexico and Colorado.

Sue: What is the biggest compliment you’ve ever received about your writing from a reader, editor, reviewer, etc.?

My biggest compliment was when my six year old granddaughter found my book in her mom’s car on the way to school, she took it and stood at the entrance to the school yard. As her friends came through the gate, she fanned the book saying, ‘Look. My grandma wrote this. All words. No pictures.’ For your granddaughter to feel such pride in my accomplishment still brings tears to my eyes.
My second biggest compliment was when I had two different publishing houses offer me contracts for one of my books. That memory sure helps when I get the rejection letters.

Sue: What’s next for you? Tell me about your next or newest release.

My next novel ‘Regardless’, a gay/sci fi, is scheduled for release in Sept. 2012. It’s a whole new genre for my usual works of historical romance. Because it crosses genres, it was a hard sell, so I’m so happy that Regal Crest Publishing has seen fit to add it to their prestigious library.

Sue: Any words of wisdom you’d like to pass along to fellow authors?

Just sit down and write. Don’t worry about what others think. Don’t worry about editing. Don’t worry about publishing. Just get into your characters – picture them, feel them, smell them, taste them, hear them talk. Don’t worry about plot. Make your characters so real that your reader will dread the last page of your book when they can no longer travel along with the character you have created. The character who has become like a friend/relative/enemy to your reader.


Sharon's books:

     In 1897, Abby Barron, a young Irish-American girl, loses her cousin to a
fire and with him the plans to escape Chicago to search for gold in the Yukon
fields.  A want-ad for a cook revives the plan and she soon hires on with Paddy
and Tommy, a medicine-show man and his son.
    Despite Abby's wanderlust and Tommy's desire to settle down, the two
fall in love. But it's a long road to fulfill Abby's dreams of reaching the Yukon--one
that tests the bonds of love and uncovers long-held family secrets.

   "Abby took a deep breath and entered the darkened interior. The lobby was
surprisingly clean and welcoming. She walked atop a faded Oriental rug
runner, passing several divans and overstuffed chairs on her way to the
hotel desk. A man wearing a green-shaded visor looked up from a newspaper
and smiled broadly.
    "Well, well, little lady." His leering smile heightened Abby's anxiety.
    She laid the newspaper on the desk and pointed to the ad. "May I see Mr.
Finley, please?"
    He waved toward a room off to his left. "I believe I saw him come back a
bit ago. Try the dining room. He may be having his lunch."
    Abby looked in the direction he pointed. "Can you tell me what he looks
    The clerk stepped from behind the desk and motioned for her to follow
him. He led her to a room just off the hotel lobby. The room was bathed in
the warmth of the January sun. At four of the eight or nine small tables,
covered with white tablecloths and surrounded by four chairs each, sat lone
male diners. The room was bright and stark in contrast to the dark of the
lobby. The white walls were devoid of decoration. Only two potted ferns
brought any color into the room.
    The clerk pointed to a man who was sitting with his back to her at a
table by the window. "That's him." He returned to his desk to talk with
another woman. Abby noticed that the newcomer was an unnatural blonde and
was wearing far too much make-up. Her silk, red dress was inappropriately
garish for this time of afternoon, or anytime actually. Abby watched the
clerk and the woman exchange suggestive smiles before the blonde headed
toward the stairs.
    "Seat yourself girlie." A chubby man wearing a greasy apron barked at
her as he headed toward Mr. Finley with a bowl of soup and a pile of
    Abby gripped the newspaper tightly and attempted to follow the waiter,
but found her feet stuck to the floor. They refused to budge. Her terrified
mind admonished her to turn and go home. She took two steps back. The
newspaper fell from her hand."
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Author Bio -
Sharon Poppen ( ) has won awards from Arizona
Authors Assoc. and National League of American Pen Women. Her western novels
After the War, Before the Peace, Hannah and Abby-Finding More Than Gold are
available at Amazon Books, most web based book sellers and from her website.
Her work has appeared in such publications as A Flasher's Dozen, Desert
Treasures, Skive, Offerings from the Oasis, A Long Story Short, Apollo Lyre
and Laughter Loaf.  Her workshops on Journaling, Short Story Writing and
Blogging bring rave reviews.  Sharon is a member of Lake Havasu City Writer's

List of Published Novels -
    After the War, Before the Peace - Xlibris Publishing
    Hannah - Virtual Tales Publishing
    Abby-Finding More Than Gold - Awe-Struck Publishing


                      Author – Sharon Poppen


  1. An astronaut? Interesting...not me, I don't even like to fly in a plane, but it would be different. I love your book cover. Wishing you much success, Sharon! Hugs to you Sue!

  2. Sharon, that astronaut thing is pretty unusual! Good on you! How interesting that you used names from your past in "Abby: Finding more than Gold". It's a novel way of putting a little more of yourself into your book.


  3. Yes, an astronaut - I love that too. Thanks for visiting Sharon.

  4. Lena & Jana, Thanks for stopping by. And, if I ever make it to outer space, I'll be sure and let you know. Sue, Thanks so much for having me as a guest on your lovely blog. Let's hope we all sell a million! Sharon Poppen

  5. You're very welcome Sharon - and I love the face of the man on your book cover :)

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