Sunday, October 09, 2011

Awe-Struck Publishing / Mundania Press Authors' Blog Tour

 Today's guest is another author from the Awe-Struck Publishing / Mundania Press blog tour.

I'd like to welcome Jennifer Cloud, author of several novels, most of which have won awards.

Take a look at her website which gives you all the information: Jennifer Cloud

Jennifer has co-authored a book with another Awe-Struck author, Regan Taylor (also featured here). It's called "Her Eyes" and will be available from in the Autumn.

Like those before her, poor Jennifer has been the victim of my diabolical questions, but just see how well she handles them!

Sue: Write five things most people wouldn't know about you from just reading your blogs

Jennifer: Hmm.  That's a hard one.  I'm pretty open online.  I'm not so open in person.  Most people that know me away from the internet world, actually know very little about me.  I don't tell them that I'm a writer or anything about my work.  I used to tell people years ago and nothing good ever came from it.  People would tell me about a book they'd like to write, although they don't read.  They would ask for free autographed copies and hint that they might be worth something one day. They didn't really want to read it, just hoped for an investment.  I would also get a lot of "then why haven't I heard of you" or the "I've got a great idea for a book.  I'll tell it to you, you write it, and we'll split the profits."  I just keep my passions quiet.  It also helps that I've lived in four different states now.  Old friends aren't going to bump into new ones.  For someone to even know I write, they would have to look me up online or be a close friend.

Sue: Choose two characters from your own books and write five things about them that readers may not know from reading the novels. 

Jennifer: That's also a hard one.  Regan Taylor and I wrote "Her Eyes" together so we each have different insights into the characters.  How about five facts most people don't know about the novel itself, "Her Eyes"?
1-The idea for the novel came from Regan.  She had heard about a face transplant and we started discussing souls being connected to bodies.  I thought the idea sounded like a Regan Taylor romance. She thought it sounded like a Jennifer Cloud horror.
2-I originally started "Her Eyes" as a novella.  It was a little story about a woman with murderous rage who ends up being mutilated by a protective dog and the fun ensues after an eye transplant.
3-An editor wanted "Her Eyes" to be a chick lit story.  That's right.  I had a publisher interested but the editor wanted the story to have a chick lit slant because that's what was hot at the time.  I didn't go with that publisher.  By the way, that publisher folded.
4-Regan saved the novel.  I was going to send this little novella to the recycle bin.  I'm bad to do that.  It's like deleting is a way of hiding my mistakes.  Anyway, she read it and had all these wonderful ideas.  We started writing the novel "Her Eyes" together.
5-You can't tell where one author starts and the other one ends.  Our writing just flowed well together.
Thank you Jennifer. You're very lucky to find someone you can work with so well. It's a treasure that's rarely found.

Here's a little more about Jennifer:

She was born in Asheville, North Carolina. There she met her husband who encouraged her to write after finding a partial manuscript. She now resides in Missouri with her husband and two daughters.

She is the author of many novels in both print and electronic versions. She's also had two dozen short stories published and many novellas.

Magic Rising: Dragonfly, and Sweet Jane, now available.  Coming soon, Blood Bonds and Call of Crows


  1. I get some of those same comments when I mention I'm an author.

  2. Diabolical questions indeed but great interview!

  3. Alex, the comments I get go something like, "I didn't know you knew how to write" (and, of course, my mother's: "how do you know about such things?")
    Catherine - prepare thyself!

  4. Great interview!

    I'm the same way about my writing. Only a few people I know are aware that I write.

  5. Great interview. The book sounds great I will have to check it out.

    Pamela Jo

  6. Thanks for commenting,G.E. and Pamela Jo :)

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