Sunday, October 16, 2011

Awe-Struck Publishing / Mundania Press Authors' Blog Tour

Today is the final day of our Blog-Tour which has been a great success for both authors and readers looking for new and exciting books.

My final guest is Ann Tracy Marr who has an impressive array of books published with Awe-Struck and Mundania Press . She writes tales of the paranormal set in Regency times and they are becoming ever more popular.

Apparently she gets so wrapped up in the Regency era when she's writing that she forgets about all else which must be a blissful feeling. 

Just to give you a taster, here's a quick blurb from Round Table Magician which I think looks like a marvelous roller-coaster of a read:

Twist legend into truth. Merlin's magic is not myth, but history.

In a Regency era England influenced by Camelot and the Round Table, a girl with an impish streak finds trouble. Taken hostage by a smuggler, Martha Dunsmore is saved by an 'angel'. She finds him again at a country house party.

Clandestine magician, espionage expert, heir to a duke, Brinston is the perennial hero--and Martha's angel. On a mission for the government, Brinston has no time for dalliance. Convincing Martha that espionage should be left to the male pushes his patience, if not his magic, to its limits. When he ignores her, she mocks and challenges him.

Together they must trap a thief before madness becomes murder and treachery becomes treason.

For more information on Ann Tracy and her books, see her website:
or visit her Facebook page


  1. Add goggles and a hot air balloon and you got yourself some steampunk! Sounds great.

    Glad to find your blog.

  2. Isn't the getting lost in your fictional world simply the best? We authors need that immersion to create what we do, I think. Thanks for sharing.
    Christine London

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