Friday, October 14, 2011

Pay it Forward Blogfest - thanks Alex Cavanaugh

Alex Cavanaugh must be one of the world's most successful bloggers. One of his keys to success is that he's a generous host and never tires of promoting other blogs. 
He and Matthew (below) have organized today's blogfest. From the list of participants below, these are the three bloggers I've discovered today.

1. Matthew MacNish at: QQQE (go and find out what that means :)  ) Matthew is another tireless writer's advocate. He aims at encouraging and helping new writers from falling into the traps he encountered when he was starting out.
2. Janice Phelps Williams at: Appalachian Morning I loved the name and the blog is full of art and stories. Creativity at its best.
3. Kathy Oliffe-Webster at: Blogspot It has something of everything - writing (all kinds), life in Canada. And? Well, it's just nice to hear about Canada :)  
After the cut, check out all the bloggers participating - there are some gems in there :)