Friday, February 17, 2012

Do You Know Your Genre?

I know I'm a sad case, but I've been somewhat bewildered lately. As you all know, my first book, "Perfect Score", was a suspense novel (it's a finalist in the EPIC 2012 awards, mainstream category, so keep your fingers crossed for me). True, it was m/m and often got lumped into erotic sections of review sites. But it's far from erotic - quite non-explicit really. And the fact it was m/m is incidental. It's about the angst of two men who are born on opposite sides of the track. It's set in the 1960s and their paths should be together but they have an incredible struggle to achieve that - if they ever do (you have to read it to find out). 

Now, here's my problem: my second novel, "Hewhay Hall", due out in April, is a paranormal thriller. Yikes! That's a very different genre. Does that matter? Does an author attract fans because of the genre or because of the writing? What do you think?

I'm now into my third novel which, at the outset, was going to be a simple thriller.'s morphing - oh yes, watch it go! - and transforming as I write into a...paranormal thriller. It was quite an unconscious change, but it's definitely happening. Have I found my genre? Or has it found me? Has this ever happened to you?