Sunday, April 01, 2012

A-Z Challenge A is for...?

And....we're off! Good luck to everyone on the Challenge. Click here for all the bumph on the Challenge.

Adverbs. Oh hell. Seriously, what's wrong with adverbs? They're in all the famous books: he said thoughtfully, she looked up enquiringly, he said triumphantly, he smiled thinly. What? How do you smile thinly? Go on, try it.
So here's the message. You can use an adverb every now and again, when really really necessary (LOL). Just don't overdo it and be sparing with them. 

Adjectives. Some people think you can't use them either. Pffft....what a load of old baloney. It's all a question of getting a feel for a sentence and writing it in the best way for you. My problem with adjectives (which I've recently found out thanks to my wonderful editor, Katriena Knights, from Etopia Press) is that I don't always use them in the right order. Tricky that. Here's quite a good post on that very subject - and a good tip about whether to use AND with a row of adjectives.

Now, I've decided to describe something that begins with "A" and not use a single adjective or adverb. Can you guess what it is?

It's a fruit. It's not the one that if you eat it you won't need to see the doctor. This one fits into the palm of my hand. I can cover it with my fingers without squashing it. The color reminds me of the one used for the background in the A to Z challenge badge, or like the color of the sky at twilight. The smell doesn't overwhelm me and its fragrance is the same as its taste. Without the kernel - which could damage my teeth - I can finish it in two or three bites.

What is it?