Thursday, April 12, 2012

A-Z Challenge K = Do Keep Up

I admit it! My alphabet skills need honing. I thought today I'd post some snippets of publishing news that'll interest both writers and readers - it's always good to keep up with developments.

  • I particularly liked Nathan Bransford's Ten Commandments for Editing.
  • I'm on Pinterest. It's another social networking site. I'm not quite convinced that it's of much use to authors and readers...but maybe you'll put me right there.
  • Amazon UK's in the news here. Tax avoidance? The very idea...
  • Looks like all those workshops on writing effective query letters worked. Pity about the manuscript, though: Publisher's Weekly
  • If you're into literary fiction, this blog's for you. And a bit of everything on this one here.
  • And the continuing debate about book reviews (sigh), this one's on Dear Author.
See you tomorrow with "L".