Friday, April 06, 2012

A-Z F is Feliz Páscoa!

Now you can wish Happy Easter to all your Portuguese friends!

First of all...thank you to everyone who commented on yesterday's post. And for those who made up dialogues, I am truly amazed at the imagination that's flying around cyberspace. 
To save you having to search for them, here they are:

- Christine Rains: Winnie the Pooh to Laura Ingails: "Run down the hill? Oh bother. Perhaps you might like Roo or Tigger to bounce with you. They're so much more rubbery than me."
Sharkbytes: James Bond to Nancy Drew:
"Now you're a nice kitten to be found in here. You aren't snooping by any chance? Come here and have a martini. Wouldn't you like to get comfortable?"
"Just what do you mean, Mr. Bond? I'm only delivering some fresh flowers to your room. Compliments of my father, or course."

- Clarissa Draper: Laura Ingails Wilder: Why, little bear, are you lost out here in the prairie? Where do you come from? You look hungry and tired. Let me take you home.
Winnie the Pooh: I fink you look like a Heffalump!

- Li: Jo to Laura : "It's dull as tombs here in Walnut Grove. I'd like to break wild horses, or go and live with the Indians."
Laura : "I can't think of anything nicer than sitting by the fire at night and listening to Pa play on his fiddle."

- Scribbles from Jen: Winnie the Pooh to Laura: "You wouldn't happen to know where I could find some honey?"
-Essayel: Heidi: Oh look, lots of marching men and a man on a horse. Hello, there traveller. Isn't it a lovely day today? Look at the flowers in this alp. They feed my goats so well.
Francis Crawford of Lymond: Indeed they do, child. *flips her a rose noble* Turkey Mat, cut out ten of the fattest. We'll eat well tonight boys.

- Tara Tyler: nancy drew to heidi
I know what you did last summer!
Cherie Reich: The first two characters that come to my mind are Detective Carlton Lassiter (from TV show Psych) and Professor Severus Snape.
Detective Lassiter: Psychics aren't real.
Professor Snape: *looking at Trelawney* I'd have to agree to some extent.

Aren't they brilliant :-) . Thanks to everyone who commented!

Just one more thing for Good Friday:

Is there anything more satisfying that finding a new author whose book you adore?

If you asked me what my favorite novel in 2011 was, then I'd have no hesitation in saying "In Leah's Wake" by Terri Giuliano Long. Very quickly, it's a psychological suspense story of a family fighting to keep their daughter from a devastating spiral into the world of drugs.

I wrote about it here and predicted that Terri would be a success. And she is!

"In Leah's Wake" has racked up 100,000 sales. It was awarded the 2011 Book Pick Prize at BookBundlz and a newly edited book club edition has just been launched.

It is a wonderful and thoughtful read. (Details of purchase here).

Happy Easter everyone!