Wednesday, May 02, 2012

MIA - Madeira Flower Festival

I left the A-Z Challenge at "S". I didn't plan to but I got whizzed off to Madeira Island where the internet connection was, to put it politely, sh*te. 

So to make up for it just a little bit, the picture here is of the Madeira Flower Festival that was happening while we were there. It takes place annually two weeks after Easter. The island is full of flowering plants anyway at this time of year and they line the streets with beautifully designed carpets made of flowers. There's a parade in the main streets on Sunday and you can see one of the floats here. It's a happy, peaceful time - and you can't say that about too many things nowadays, can you?

Maybe you can spot me in the crowd in the picture above left (spot Willy). I'm the one grouching that I can't see a bloody thing.