Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness BLITZ...for Writers

I know I'm a day late...but hey, being kind isn't for just one day, is it?

The incredible Becca and Angela at the Bookshelf Muse blog are hosting this blitz. If you've never visited their amazing emotion thesaurus online, you should because it's an invaluable resource for plodding writers like me.

It's also a special time because they launched the book The Emotion Thesaurus! Go and check it out, and while you're there - they have a fabulous prize for you. 


Within the writer's community I've found a never-ending supply of encouragement, support and genuine kindness which I appreciate so much. I can't mention everyone, so I've picked THREE special people, all of them fabulous authors, who are always there with advice whenever I send out a pathetic call to them:

First is Elin Gregory who I chat to almost every day about writerly stuff and just plain nonsense. But she cheers me on constantly and sometimes just makes me laugh.
Also Steve Emmett and Julia Kavan who are always ready to down tools and help me along when I whimper.

Thank you guys! And to all of you I promise you'll always have a copy of any book I publish and if you need help, beta-reading, general jollying along - then I'm there!