Sunday, May 20, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday and... a Prize!!!

First of all, many many thanks to everyone who commented on my Blog Against Homophobia post. As promised I'm giving away a copy of "Perfect Score" to someone who follows and commented. And the winner is Kerry

Now onto Six Sentence Sunday. A reviewer of "Hewhay Hall" said he loved one of the characters: Roma, the mad Medium. So I thought I'd put in a bit about her.

In a tiger-print tunic and gold shawl that clashed with her suntan, the color of Florida oranges, Roma always maintained she needed to appear elegant without a spot of effort, and she was right there. Mind you, stuffing herself into the tunic must’ve been a challenge and it wasn’t for nothing, Tess thought, that Jude called her Miss XXL Medium 1969.
 "Unutterably awful situation, darling, so I threw together a little spell and channeled my usual spirit, the Golden Dolphin, and asked for advice. I availed myself of chamomile, basil, and caraway seeds, ground to a fine powder.” She closed her eyes to add drama to the story. “Hyssop and coltsfoot steeped in gin…lit a match…”