Sunday, May 06, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Six Sentence Sunday's official site is here. It's the first time I've participated. So, to  start things off, I've chosen six sentences from my recently published novel, "Hewhay Hall".  Here they are:

Jude met Jolon for the first time on the street when Jude had ventured out for the first time using two crutches instead of sitting in a wheelchair. An old geezer was nonchalantly leaning against the carpet store window in the High Street, his lower face foliated by tendrils of beard growing in clumps.
Jude wouldn’t have noticed him if the guy hadn’t called across the crowd of Goths wearing industrial boots who lurked on the sidewalk. “Mathematically speaking,” he’d shouted, “we’re both fucked.”
Jude rested on his crutches and felt an instant attraction to the guy. 
“Smells like rain,” the guy said.
“Probably because it is raining,” Jude replied.

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