Sunday, June 17, 2012

Best Summer Reading Blog - A Reviewer's Point of View on Research

The Best Ever Summer Reading Blog Tour is now on week 3.

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This week's prize is Regan Taylor's PDF of her book With All Dispatch: Book 2 of the Treasures Antiques Series. 
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Today's guest is Angie who is a reviewer from one of the best romance fiction review sites Love Romances And More. I asked her how research affected her as a reviewer. This is what she said:
Angie: When I think of research, I think of libraries and old smelly books… I think of papers with footnotes, and travels to exotic places. Maybe being an author isn’t so bad, I love books, libraries and travel… Hmm…
I think I will stick to reviewing – my research begins AFTER I finish reading book after all – before I might take the time to look at a book cover, or read the back of the book, but I never want to go into a book with a preconceived notion as a reviewer. Plus what you love might leave me thinking “who says that” and wondering just what the author was thinking… Or what you hate might turn out to be the book of the year for me. I love the subjective nature of reviewing – it makes me grateful for the different genres of books and the internet which brings them to us fast and with e-delivery!
When I begin to write a review, I write a quick synopsis, then my opinion and over all feel for the book. I then do usually take a few minutes to give some background on either the author’s back list or future books – mostly if I loved the book and am about to go on a search for more! After all, my Amazon wish list must have a way to grow… and grow… and is often a tangled mess of books that I hope someday grace my bookshelf.
One of my favorite research topics however is when I am engrossed in a book and find something I don’t know anything about – every now and again an author throws in a term, a location, or something I just have to know more about – this gets me going and often leads to knowledge I would have left behind. Being a reader often makes us smarter – now if only it made me less lazy and got my laundry done!

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