Wednesday, June 06, 2012

IWSG - Bu**er Promotion

Thanks to Champion Blogger, Alex Cavanaugh, writers now have the Insecure Writer's Support Group to bolster each other up when we're about to fall apart.
And, let's face it, writers are insecure - it's part of our nature to wonder if what we're creating is up to standard. But then of course a pile of rejection slips that accompanies any submission process is enough to send anyone onto the rocks.

Here are the IWSG participants - 300 of us!

Today I'm not going to say how insecure I am (although you should see my chewed fingernails!), instead I'm going to think positively...

Having said I wouldn't whimper in your presence, just let me say that the word "promotion" (as in BOOK promotion) for me is right down there with "watching politicians debate" and "revising for a maths exam". In my opinion, promotion is tedious, against my rather shy nature, and is like driving straight at a brick wall.

To take my mind off this dismal image, here are a few examples of what makes me happy:

1. Slurp down a delicious smoothie for my breakfast to make me feel energized - red berries, Greek yoghourt, semi skimmed milk and honey. Whizz it all up. Yum.
2. See my pals at the Doughnut Club (I'm #3 Doughnut) for a natter and an excess of sugar and coffee.
3. Take an hour's walk or a 30 minute swim. 
4. Suck 3 squares of dark chocolate one at a time...slowwwly...No munching!
5. Discover that, by carefully shopping in places that have loyalty cards and by using coupons, I don't spend any more on grocery shopping than I did before this hellish recession began.
6. Read a book that I just can't put down. I'm reading Rosie Thomas's The Kashmir Shawl . The main characters aren't that special but the setting descriptions of wartime Kashmir and Ladakh take me right into the story. There're no screaming rollercoaster plot-devices (at least not yet), but instead the story reveals itself without a superfluous word like a tapestry being rolled out.
7. And finally, I have to highlight that WRITING makes me happy.

So bu**er promotion (but what's the betting I'll be back at it soon? *headdesk*)