Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Judge a Book by the Cover

Do you choose a book by looking at the cover? I know what covers put me off (I won’t give you an example because the author might just kill me. Just let me say it features a blonde woman swooning in a beefy-type’s bicep bulging arms). Here, though, are my top ten covers (not in any order):


This is a wordless picture book that tells the story of a village as seen through a window. It’s so beautifully illustrated that words are unnecessary.


The poetic prose of the book is mirrored perfectly by the lovely lavender fields on the cover.  The peaceful (but not altogether happy) story-line made me think of Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca.



Isn’t that lovely? I haven’t actually read this biography but it traces Marquéz’s early life. The cover conjures up the scent and warmth of Colombia and the sound of Spanish.


I adored this book . The character on the front is Blueberry, a traumatized 7 year-old whose favorite phrase is f***-o*f. She's violent, old far beyond her years, able to break a room up in twenty seconds and streak for freedom in a twinkling. Yet, as you can see from the cover, she is just a kid.


This is a poignant story of how parents deal with a girl who drops out of school and ends up in the wrong company. The empty swing portrays the end of childhood (in my opinion).


Such a typical, everyday village. Yet there’s that circular “dome” hanging over it, and a foreboding that something’s not quite right.


I read this book as a kid and could never forget the images or the story. After the movie came out I read it again – and it’s just as great.


I haven’t actually read this – but I do adore the cover. I think we’ve got a shape-shifter in this one, don’t you? It’s definitely on my TBR list now.


Did you ever read The Wind in the Willows when you were young? If not, then you’ll get a very good idea of the atmosphere of this magical book just from the cover (that’s Mr. Mole and Ratty in the boat).


I like the hardback cover better than the paperback. Its black background shows the circus only happens at night and I like the magical swirly bits, and the spooky hand.

Can you think of a cover that made you buy a book? Or is there one that you wish was your own cover?