Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Who Told a Lie?

Trumpets out! Faaaanfaaaare....Tra-la. Followers will know that on Sunday I featured the lovely talented author Sharon Poppen. And - we think, but we're not sure - that she told us a lie (gasp). If you want to remind yourselves, here's the post

So, Sharon told us she's a movie-holic, she went to San Diego Zoo to visit the birds and there was a snake in the cage, she adores baseball, and she once won a Cocker Spaniel. Personally I think it's this last one that's the porky pie (rhyming slang for lie). Let's see, here's what she admitted:

Sharon: Now, which is the lie? None of them. I find I have so many good things to share that I didn’t want to waste a word on a lie. So, Sue, thanks for this opportunity to share my thoughts.

Awww...don't worry, your comments are going through to the draw for this week's prize. Hope one of you wins!