I love new challenges. And author Jennifer M. Eaton has come up with a corker.
To celebrate her blogoversary she wants to write a story. But not alone. She'd like as many people as possible to join her and write it together. You can find all the details on how to join here, and you can start reading the story here.

As I was the third in line to be tagged I'm giving my contribution after the break. Read the first part of the story first here then click on the "ping-back" at the foot of the page for the second part.
Here's my effort for the third part (and do join, the more the merrier):

Bethany tip-toed up the steps to the attic, wincing as the old wood creaked under her feet. Just what did her little sister have in her hand when she went dashing up there a moment ago? 

She’d been behaving strangely all week, disappearing at all hours and not telling anyone where she was going. You’d have thought right now she’d have been down in the square with Ma and baby Lauren. After all, everyone knew that when Daddy came down the steps of his ship, his eyes would be on Marci and Marci alone. And the biggest present would be for Marci.

Bethany felt like spitting. It wasn’t fair. Especially when Marci couldn't be bothered to be in the square to meet him. Ma hadn’t missed her, and she – Bethany – wouldn’t have done either if she hadn’t needed a sweater to protect herself against the cool breeze and, while hurrying home to fetch one, had spotted her sister creeping back, her horrible blonde hair streaming out behind her like yellow butter.

Stepping lightly up to Marci’s bedroom door, Bethany placed her ear against it. Was Marci talking to someone? She pressed harder against the door to hear better. It was definitely Marci’s voice.

“Is it the one you wanted?” she asked.

A moment after Marci asked the question, Bethany covered her mouth to block her squeak of surprise. Something had answered her sister in there. A tinkling voice, tiny and piping. She’d swear it said, “It’s perfect”.

Muffled rustling from within told her that someone was moving about.

“What’s going to happen now?” Marci asked.

“First of all, I have to eat a tiny corner,” the voice that sounded like a fairy bell responded.

Fairy! Bethany’s heart leapt in excitement. Did her sister have a fairy in there? Oh boy! She resisted clapping her hands in joy. Everyone knew what harboring a fairy meant. She’d spent years trying to trip perfect Marci up, trying to find a way to tell the World that Marci wasn't worth the space she took up. And now Bethany had something on her that could send her sister away for a very long time indeed.