Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Reading Tour - Author Sharon Poppen Lies? *Gasp*

Sharon's "Abby - Finding More than Gold"
(don't you just love the guy in that cover?)
Today's guest is Sharon Poppen. Award winning author of several fine books such as: "Abby - Finding More than Gold" (sigh I DO love that guy on the cover...), "Hannah" and "After the War, Before the Peace". You can find out all about them here (it'll be well worth the journey, I promise).

So, I asked Sharon to tell three things about herself - one of which is a lie (shock, horror). And your job, dear readers, is to discover the lie (write it in the comments section). Remember, your names go through for a draw. And today you might win a beach glass necklace offered by author Lynn Hones ('s a tip...none of you from my blog have won anything in the draw yet, so the odds are in your favor). If you leave a comment your name will also go through for the final $50 Amazon Gift Certificate which will be awarded at the end of the tour (coming up!!!)

Right, so this is what Sharon answered to my question: 

Sue, how nice to be featured on your very attractive and informative blog. I found the subject of the week to be quite challenging, but a real interesting exercise. To select three truths and one lie about myself is like trying to decide which stars in a moonless night sky are my favorites.

I guess I’ll share the truth that I’m a movie-aholic. I have a movie buddy who joins me every Friday for our movie of the week. I usually get to pick, but occasionally I have to relent and attend a vampire, hogwarts or sorcerers flick. No matter the genre, I can usually sit back and let myself ‘feel’ the story. It’s wonderful escapism and also a melting pot for ideas I can use in my own writing.

Another truth is that I’m very afraid of snakes and birds. My sister-in-law Ellen and I once took my two small children to the San Diego Zoo. They wanted to walk through the large birdcage. My common sense said that the zoo would not put any dangerous avian in contact with the public so I agreed. Half way through, a bird flew across the walkway, just skimming the top of my head. I ran for the exit, yelling for my sister-in-law to watch my kids. Needless to say, I have been teased unmercifully about dereliction of parental duty. Ellen was also with me the time we went to the Los Angeles Planetarium. As we walked across the parking lot, I almost ran into some young men. One was carrying a large snake draped across both of his outstretched hands. I turned and ran screaming back to the car. Ellen, who hadn’t seen the snake, squealed and run back to the car with me. “It’s only a Bull Snake,” called out the young man. Ellen eventually began talking to me again, but again, it is still a favorite story at many of our family get togethers.

I truly love baseball. My three uncles, who were like big brothers when I was growing up, were big fans and often took me to Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs play ball. There’s nothing more exciting than a close game where strategy about whether to keep the pitcher in or send in a pinch hitter to possibly hit one out of the park, allowing teammates already on base to score. It’s why I stay a fan of the National League instead of the American League where the pitcher isn’t included in the batting line-up. And, I had my first taste of beer at a Cubs game. 

And my final truth of this exercise is that I’m a lucky person. One of my first wins was when I was ten years old. I won a beautiful Cocker Spaniel puppy at the Paradise Theatre in Chicago. It was a beautiful theatre built in the 1920s and had a planetarium in the ceiling. The band Styx memorialized the theatre that was torn town in 1956 on their album ‘Paradise Theatre’. My luck continues to this day as I’m blessed with a wonderful family, really good friends and the joy of using my imagination to write. 

That's four! But, never mind...which is the lie?

So, Sue, thanks for this opportunity to share my thoughts. If our readers want to answer a question for the chance to win our book of the week and the chance to be in the running for the $50 Amazon gift certificate, they can leave a comment here on your blog. 

Thanks Sharon! And if you'd like to know my lies (me? lie? The very idea), then pop on over to .  You can also comment there and that way you have TWO chances of winning. I'll reveal which is Sharon's lie on Wednesday with my next post. Yay! Have a great Sunday everyone. 


Sharon Poppen ( ) has won awards from Arizona Authors Assoc. and National League of American Pen Women. Her western novels After the War, Before the Peace, Hannah and Abby-Finding More Than Gold are available at Amazon Books, most web based book sellers and from her website.  Her work has appeared in such publications as A Flasher’s Dozen, Desert Treasures, Skive, Offerings from the Oasis, A Long Story Short, Apollo Lyre and Laughter Loaf.  Her workshops on Journaling, Short Story Writing and Blogging bring rave reviews.  Sharon is a member of Lake Havasu City Writer’s Group. Her gay/sci-fi novel Regardless will be available in print and ebook the fall of 2012.

List of Published Novels

After the War, Before the Peace
Abby-Finding More Than Gold
Regardless (due out fall 2012)