Saturday, September 08, 2012

A Book You "Otter" Read

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Sorry about the otterly awful title, but I couldn't resist.
I was named in one of those meme-thingies where you have to sum up your WIP in one and a half words and say what inspires you. After I'd picked myself off the floor, I thought (head in hands), "I can't, I really can't". You want to to know how I get inspiration? The answer's I haven't got the faintest idea. 
But then...I remembered something. When I was very very young, younger than I am now (ahem), I read a book I never forgot.

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Ring of Bright Water by Gavin Maxwell. How I loved all his books - a genius, reclusive, wild-life writer who lived on an isolated sandy beach in the north of Scotland. And who loved otters. They were part of his life. In 1956 he apparently wrote, "I wangled him (the otter) into my sleeper and he wangled himself into my bed." If you've never read the trilogy beginning with Ring of Bright Water, and you want a book that will haunt and enchant you, then I recommend it.

My love of otters stems from that book. Mind you, I'm not so daft as to think I could keep an otter as a pet (I believe one of Maxwell's otters didn't know what to do with the fish and eels it saw and just played with them) but I couldn't resist adding one in my book "Perfect Score". Here's an extract: 

Sam's down in the murk floating on his back through water as thick as melted chocolate while, following right on behind, as if it's mimicking him, is a shiny bullet-headed otter with a giant snail on its furry belly, happy as Larry. Until, that is, Sam threatens to pick the snail off and then all hell lets loose.

And something just occurred to me. Has anyone ever written about a were-otter? Hmm.....


  1. Not that I know of, but I dare you to be the first to write about were-otters!

  2. OK, Alex, you're on! It's amazing where you get your inspiration from.

  3. A were-otter? Why not, but with that adorable face I don't think I'd be very frightened.

    Of course, I've only seen them at the zoo and never in the wild, but they're a lot of fun to watch.

  4. Thanks L.G. I've never seen one in the wild either :-(

  5. I love hearing where people get their inspiration. And I third the motion for a were-otter!!

  6. It sounds like a really good book.

    And yeah--someone needs to write about were-otters now!

  7. OK - it looks like there's a were-otter story coming up! Thanks GE and Elise

  8. i adore otters--we have some in a nearby aquarium--love to go watch them--sounds like a delightful book!

  9. How about a story involving a wildebeetroot?

  10. Love that otter picture and I could well see it as a were-otter... So why not!

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