Monday, October 15, 2012

A Photo Diary - Brinda Berry

Brinda's new book is sold in aid of charity (see below for details). I'm getting it. 

A Photo Diary of My Week ~ Brinda Berry

I'm so glad Sue and I are swapping blogs today. I've been very busy, and photos are a great way to share my week with you. I'm promoting the paperback release of The Waiting Booth and the digital release of a charity project called Wild at Heart that includes my short story, "Home by Midnight". Working my day job and writing at night keep me busy, but I've managed to have some fun as well. Let me show you. After checking out my post, I hope your readers will visit your  photo diary at my place,

Monday: My desk is not covered up on the first day of the week. It's a nice way to start.

Tuesday: My husband said he needed to entertain customers by taking them to a concert. He asked if I wanted to go along and sit in the company's box at the arena. Who was playing?  It was a return to the 80s with Journey, Loverboy, and Pat Benetar. I knew all the words to the songs. Woohooo! Yes, my husband rocks.

Wednesday: I attended a work conference about federal grant guidelines. If I'm smiling in the pic, it's because it was during a break.

Thursday: I had lunch away from the office at a little place with sandwiches and salads. I had a Tuna Crunch sandwich. I don't think I've ever had tuna salad with nuts in it. I'll order it again.

Friday: One of my favorite days of the week. Friday night usually means a dinner with my husband and a rental movie I've downloaded on the Playstation.  My dog Gus is in play mode.

Saturday: Writing in the morning and a workout are both on the agenda.

Sunday: I love to get up early to write and check email. My two little feet warmers are under the table.

Thanks for having me as a guest, Susan. 

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