Thursday, November 08, 2012

Insecure Writers Support Group and Brinda Berry - what's the connection?

I know I'm late, like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland (for a very important date). Wednesday's the day for Alex Cavanaugh's highly successful IWSG (here). But I reckon somewhere in the world (like Tonga????) it's still Wednesday so I'm off the hook.

Right, all you lovely sympathetic people, here I go.

I'm an avid reader and, as long as it's well written, I'll read anything. I devour books. So, if any of you bloggers out there are ever stuck for a blog-post, just write some reading recommendations and I'll follow you for life. 

So what's my problem? Well, when I love a book I have a rather nasty tendency to think:  Why can't I write like that?

There. Envy, jealousy. Call it what you will. That's my problem today. 

And you might've heard my shriek a week or so ago when I finished a book I loved. I'm not usually a fan of YA fiction, but I'd heard of the ever-increasing fan club that Brinda Berry is accumulating and I thought I'd try one of her books: The Waiting Booth.  Well done, Brinda! I'm madly jealous of your writing. Here's my review

What's a feisty, 17 year-old girl supposed to do when two strangers turn up in her backyard and she finds out that she's one of the few people who can save mankind? She might hesitate a moment, especially when the two are from a different dimension and not entirely human (but not far off). But when they tell her that they may be able to help her discover if her beloved brother, who's been missing for some years, is still alive, then she's their girl.

I'm not usually a YA reader but having heard of the large following that Brinda Berry is gaining and her reputation for fine writing, I jumped in. The Waiting Booth does not disappoint. Mia, the main character, has a terrific voice just right for the courageous "take no prisoners" girl and I was spurring her on all the way through the perfectly paced plot that is fun and nail-bitingly suspenseful. Courage, loyalty, the blooming of young love and rites of passage are interweaved in an ingenious tale. The Waiting Booth is the first in what I'm sure will prove to be a successful series.

Brinda's here
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