Thursday, November 15, 2012

Portugal and Music

There's been a lot in the press just lately showing scenes of violence in Portugal with trade unions protesting against tight austerity cuts. Yes, a lot of people here are suffering under these cuts and, yes, everyone is desperately tightening their belts. Life isn't going to be the same.

But the Portuguese and Portugal aren't typical of what you've been seeing on television (and I did notice that some of the more voluble and violent of the demonstrators had slogans on their t-shirts and carried placards written in very good idiomatic English ...hmmm...)

Since I was writing a guest post for someone today about music I enjoy, I included some Portuguese music. This is a lovely video from a talented group called Madredeus and the song's called "O Pastor". Enjoy the guitar playing (the best) and the pictures of this beautiful country filled with wonderful people who don't deserve what they're having to go through.

Many of the scenes you see in the video will be featured in my new book which will be about the sea, fishing and corruption.