Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Christmas and My Book of the Year

Happy Christmas, holidays, New Year and 2013 to everyone.

I love this video, so I hope you do too (adore the donkey part and the sheep-poop in the straw)

And my book of the year is definitely....

Here's my review from GoodReads:

Reading this book was, for me, pure escapism into a magical world as imaginative as Alice's Wonderland. How perfect to inhabit a circus based on dreams and, as a reader, to see the illusionist or magician at work creating a world within a world. The more I read the more I admired the author's amazing imagination and how she conjured up not only the sights and sounds of hundreds of different facets that exist in the circus, but also their smells and textures. The basic premise of a contest between the main characters and knowing that it will be a fight to the death kept me turning the pages but it was the delightful atmosphere that had me hooked. If such a circus came to my town, I know I'd join it. I often wondered, as I read, how it would end and I think whatever the author decided on would've been a slight disappointment but, in any case, that is the reason I've taken one star off.

That's it until 2013. Let's have lots of fun and linking-up in 2013!