Wednesday, December 05, 2012

IWSG - All is Well

Been a bit quiet around these 'ere parts recently, hasn't it? Big apologies but I've got a bit caught up.

Yes indeedy. I'm completely involved with my WIP which now stands at 65k words with around another 20k words to go. And I have suddenly started loving it. Every morning I can't wait to get at the keyboard to carry the story on to its conclusion. You see, I'm a muddle-headed pantser who starts writing with no clear plot in mind, a couple of characters and, hopefully, a spot of conflict or two. Oh! And a setting. That's why it takes me several tries to get-going and write myself out of plot holes, and whinge away on the monthly IWSG. 
But now I've reached the bit where I know exactly where I'm going, the main conflicts are all set up. Now it's downhill...the threads are all about to be sewn up and it all, finally, makes sense.
At last I love my book, I love my characters, and I just can't wait for it to reach the end. Oh the end? Well, I'm not quite sure about that yet...but it's just around the corner, trust me.
So no insecurities for me this month. Yay! (Just wait for next month, though).

If you'd like to join in this wonderful supportive group, visit Alex (no link required) J Cavanaugh: here
and I'll see you on the first Wednesday of every month.

From the Daily Mail, click on picture for original
On another note, I saw this picture the other day and it made me think of that Prince of Envy, the Demon Slater who stars in my novel Hewhay Hall. Say what you like about the most evil, vicious, cruel, psychotic devil who has ever been summoned to Earth, but that picture must've been taken on a good day for him.