Sunday, February 03, 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors

It's a WeWriWa day! I'm now a Weekend Writing Warrior and in very good company. If you'd like to join us, just visit this site to sign up and then post eight sentences from any of your work, published or unpublished.

Today, my example comes from my first novel "Perfect Score" which is a non-explicit, m/m suspense, and is doing pretty well :-)

Sam's hours at the Thud Bar were from midday to midnight six days a week. Besides sending shots down the bar, his other tasks included hauling kegs and bottles, swabbing down the wooden bar and giving a lick and a promise to the glasses.
“And making sure customers don't kick ass too often,” Charlie the bar-owner told him on his first day while Jim Reeves crooned on the juke that he got the blues when it rained. “As you saw yesterday, fights just flare up, they come outta nowhere like the weather. We need to nip bar brawls in the bud. Get 'em out in the street.”
Sam looked around the brown bar, not brown from any paint but from eons of exhaled fumes that stuck. He wondered how a bar fight could make the place look any worse than it already did.