Saturday, April 06, 2013

A-Z Blog Challenge F = Famous

Susan - the Queen's corgi
Confession time! I was chatting to my good friend and talented author Elin Gregory yesterday when I told her I was thinking of taking the weekend off so I could write. "You can't," she said. "What about the A-Z? Tell you what, I'll write your post for you."

Isn't that the best type of friend to have? Please take time out to nip over to her blog. Her theme for the A-Z is history and, I tell you, what she doesn't know about her subject isn't worth waving a stick at. 

And here's Elin's post written specially for me! Famous Susans:

Some days you need a reminder that you're not doing so badly and it's quite nice to speculate that your name could be up there in lights.

There are a shed load of famous Susan for instance, some of whom are even real people!

How about Susan Saradon? She's pretty spectacular. Or Susan Pevensie who kicked ass in the Narnia Series until she discovered boys and got boring. Or Susan B Anthony, leader of the US suffragette movement who in the 19th century laid the foundations for the feminist movement – we've come a long way ladies. As a result of changing attitudes it was possible for  Susan La Flesche Picotte to become the first Native American woman to qualify and practice as a doctor.

There's a Susanna in the bible, due to be stoned, but some sharp talking by Daniel got her off and her accusers consigned to the pit instead. And a Saint Susanna who lost her head to Diocletian – remember her next August 11th.

And finally my favourite Susan who spent so long in the service of Queen Elizabeth II that she was viewed as a family member.

Can you think of any famous people with your name?

Do visit Elin, you won't regret it: