Wednesday, April 03, 2013

A-Z Challenge - C = C Beaches on the Lisbon Coast

Cascais Praia dos Pescadores (Wikipedia)

There can't be many capital cities in Europe with golden beaches just twenty-minutes away.

Jump on a train in Lisbon and you'll be in Carcavelos in twenty-minutes or Cascais in thirty.

Carcavelos is the place for surfers I'm told...a wonderful beachbreak and cylindrical left rolls (hope that makes sense). And if my source is correct, the waves are currently at 3.5m - so quick, grab your board and come on over. But you won't see me there - don't forget it's the Atlantic and I only get in the sea when temperatures rise above 22ºC.

I asked a friend of mine, Eva Sanches, who's had the innovative idea of building two cottages and renting them out for holiday lets in the hills above Cascais, where she advises her guests to visit. So she sent me this picture of the wild and rugged beach at Guincho, just ten minutes down the coast by car or cycle from Cascais in about twenty. You can even walk there...

The boardwalk to Guincho Beach. Photo by Eva Sanches

Take a look at Eva's site