Monday, May 27, 2013

Why be a Judge?

The Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition eBook Competition

Who can be an eBook judge?

Hewhay Hall won this year's Horror category

Since the eBook Competition is a peer judged competition, our judges are professionals in the ePublishing industry. Published authors, publishers, and editors make up our judging pool.

The only qualifications, besides a professional affiliation, is that you love to read and are able to objectively evaluate what you’re reading.

Isn’t it hard to judge? Doesn’t it take a lot of time?

Judging in the eBook Competition judging process is actually pretty simple. This is a very brief description. More information is available in the eBook Judge Instructions.

The Judge Coordinator or, as we like to call her, the Competition Drone, sends each judge a list of assignments. This contact will include all the information you’ll need. You’ll download the assigned works using links included in the email.

In the Preliminary Round, you’ll only read the first three chapters of a full length book, or the first 10% of a short work. That should give you a pretty good idea of the quality of the writing, editing, hook, setting, etc.

In the First Round, you’ll read the assigned works in their entirety.

In the Final Round, you’ll read all the finalists in the category to which you are assigned.

In the Preliminary and First Rounds, when you’ve completed your reading (either the first three chapters or the whole entry), you’ll go to the judging form. You will receive a link to go to the appropriate form for the works assigned, either Fiction, Poetry, or Non-fiction.

You’ll enter your name and email address. This is to give you credit for your scores.

For Poetry and Non-Fiction, since they have their own form, you’ll just enter the title of the work you’re judging. For Fiction, you’ll also indicate the category.

Each form has a series of areas. You will score each area from 1 to 10. The method on our form is a slider. You can drag the little button or click on the line to get the number you want.

For Fiction, you will indicate whether the work is in the wrong category.

For Fiction, Poetry, or Non-fiction, you will indicate whether you believe the work should move on to the next round.

Fill in the Captcha.

Click on Submit.


In the Final Round, you’ll read all the finalists in a category. Then you’ll score each work according to the same scoring areas as were used in the Preliminary and First Rounds. The last step is to rank each entry.

That’s right, sports fans! Only one form to fill out in the Final Round. Of course, it’s a long one, but it’s just one., Then you’re…


Filling in the Preliminary and First Round forms takes only one to two minutes if you have your mind made up already. If you have to give it some thought, it’ll take a little longer.

Filling in the Final Round form can take up to five minutes, but it’s the only one you’ll have to do.

Ready to be a judge? Register Here!

(For more information see Karen Cote's website and EPICorg site)


  1. I wouldn't have time to judge, but it would be fun.

  2. I'd have loved to judge, but sadly I have no affiliation.

  3. Don't even have a Kindle so no good here. Passing through on my roadtrip


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