Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Insecure Writers Support Group

Leap off the deep end.
Some of you may remember that the last time I wrote a post for the IWSG (come on, admit it, I bet no-one does :-) ) I was hopping about with glee because I'd reached the end of my WIP first draft.

Then I thought about it. And thought. And decided that the last 10k words were boring as hell. So I took a leap off the deep end and deleted them. Yep. Gawn.

I've rewritten most of them now adding pizzazz and excitement. I've just got the last chapter to write. What to do? Make it go out with a bang? Let it fizzle out like a damp squib? End it with a HEA cliché. *sigh*

If you're not already a member, join Alex J. Cavanaugh's monthly Insecure Writers Support Group here. We're a super lot and help each other immensely.