Thursday, February 20, 2014

What Do You Know About Portugal?

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Dusted, whipped into shape, and sent out into the world. I'd better make it clear I'm not talking about children here, I mean my new novel. And you know the old adage: sub one, write one, well I think blogging should be included there because I've sadly been too tied up beating my novel into submission to pay much attention to you lately. So here goes...a new blog post with a competition. Have you picked yourselves up off the floor now?

My new novel is mostly set in Portugal. And since this little country, which is my adopted home now after I married a Portuguese, is often misunderstood - or even totally ignored as being of no more importance than Timbuctu (sorry, Timbuctu, don't mean to belittle you I just don't know much more about you other than that you're a town in Mali).'s the competition.  I'm going to ask you some questions about Portugal. Some have simple right/wrong answers, others you have to write whatever you like. Afterwards I'll get my husband to do the judging and pick TWO winners (the winners will be those who get the easy-peasy answers right and make answers to the other questions entertaining or knowledgable - and not rude!). I'll let the winners know in one week's time (next Thursday) who they are. The prizes are a free book (both mine, ahem) and the winner can choose if he/she'd like a copy of Perfect Score or Hewhay Hall. How's that?

Here are the questions:

1. What's the capital of Portugal? (easy peasy)
2. Name a famous Portuguese author. Have you read anything by him or her?
3. When someone says, "Portugal", to you, what's the first thing that comes into your head?
4. If you came to Portugal on an extended visit, what do you think you would miss from your home (apart from family)?
5. If you came to Portugal on holiday, where would you go first and why?
6. If you can speak Spanish, do you think you can speak Portuguese?
7. Is Portugal part of Spain (and if you say "yes", you're eliminated!!!). What is the relationship between the two countries?
8. What does the word "saudade" mean?

That's it!!!