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What Do You Know About Portugal?

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Dusted, whipped into shape, and sent out into the world. I'd better make it clear I'm not talking about children here, I mean my new novel. And you know the old adage: sub one, write one, well I think blogging should be included there because I've sadly been too tied up beating my novel into submission to pay much attention to you lately. So here goes...a new blog post with a competition. Have you picked yourselves up off the floor now?

My new novel is mostly set in Portugal. And since this little country, which is my adopted home now after I married a Portuguese, is often misunderstood - or even totally ignored as being of no more importance than Timbuctu (sorry, Timbuctu, don't mean to belittle you I just don't know much more about you other than that you're a town in Mali).'s the competition.  I'm going to ask you some questions about Portugal. Some have simple right/wrong answers, others you have to write whatever you like. Afterwards I'll get my husband to do the judging and pick TWO winners (the winners will be those who get the easy-peasy answers right and make answers to the other questions entertaining or knowledgable - and not rude!). I'll let the winners know in one week's time (next Thursday) who they are. The prizes are a free book (both mine, ahem) and the winner can choose if he/she'd like a copy of Perfect Score or Hewhay Hall. How's that?

Here are the questions:

1. What's the capital of Portugal? (easy peasy)
2. Name a famous Portuguese author. Have you read anything by him or her?
3. When someone says, "Portugal", to you, what's the first thing that comes into your head?
4. If you came to Portugal on an extended visit, what do you think you would miss from your home (apart from family)?
5. If you came to Portugal on holiday, where would you go first and why?
6. If you can speak Spanish, do you think you can speak Portuguese?
7. Is Portugal part of Spain (and if you say "yes", you're eliminated!!!). What is the relationship between the two countries?
8. What does the word "saudade" mean?

That's it!!! 


  1. 1. I really don't remember. Menopause brain.
    2. Paulo Coello?
    3. This is not a Spanish speaking country.
    4.Sir Poops and Hair Ball.
    5. I really haven't clue. Besides, I can never make up my mind.
    6. I don't know.
    7.I don't know that part of history.

  2. Hey Susan!
    1- Lisbon
    2 - Famous author - you!
    3 - It's near Spain
    4 - I'd miss anyone understanding what I say as I don't speak Portuguese
    5 - The largest museum
    6 - Not a chance
    7 - No and I believe they were once one country
    8 - I have no idea
    How did I do?

  3. Thanks guys!!! comment so far :-)

  4. 1: Lisbon
    2: Susan Roebuck
    3: The three secrets of Fatima
    4: Heinz baked beans!
    5: The west coast - because I fancy seeing the Bay of Biscay from dry land! (or perhaps the shrine pertaining to answer 3)
    6: That's a bit like expecting to be able to speak German because you can speak English!
    7: They're both part of the EU
    8: It means 'We beat you in Eurovision!'

    1. LOL, Kate. Not bad - specially the secrets of Fatima and it's well worth a visit. You can get Heinz baked beans here, so no worries. Not bad, not bad...except nº 8!

  5. I'm impressed that you can get baked beans there :-) That's the true mark of a civilised country :-)

  6. Anonymous8:43 pm

    1. Lisbon!!
    2. Joe? de Barros, 6th century historian but I've only read a little bit in translation.
    3. Exciting things to do with world exploration
    4. Apparently there are no Mars Bars :(
    5. I'd come to see you first of course.
    6. Naaaaah I can't speak anything.
    7. No. And they are like the kind of neighbours who occasionally come to blows over who borrowed whose lawnmower and whose kids play the loudest rock music at inappropriate times.
    8. No idea. *googles* Ohhhhhh we have a word like that in Wales - hiraedd. Means the same sort of thing.

    1. yay! Elin's coming to see me :-D

  7. Anonymous10:04 pm

    I know nothing and too lazy to look stuff up - been wondering where you been

  8. Anonymous10:13 pm

    1) Lisbon
    2) Fernando Pessoa
    3) Sailing off the Algarve. Huge green olives in Lisbon.
    4) Not much! (I have spent quite a lot of time in Portugal and loved it!) Maybe fresh lettuce.
    5) Back to Porto as I have spent enough time there and it is a beautiful city
    6) Yes but you're wrong. (I speak a few words of both.) In Andalucia though, the Spanish is so slurred it's very like Portuguese. They say Bom Dia for example, all down the Costa del Luz.
    7) Not now, not ever. Though the Peninsula was united under the Visigoths and all of Portugal was part of the Caliphate along with almost all of Spain. Now they're pretty friendly, all part of the EU and the Eurozone. But it's a bit like Australia and NZ - big neighbour/small neighbour. The Spanish have never really forgiven the Portuguese for Brazil.
    8) Saudade - wow. That's my last 18 months in one word. I shan't explain or vou começar a chorar.

    1. Sarah! You've got personal experience :-) Ha ha!!! Love it - and don't cry - come and mata saudades!

  9. Anonymous10:19 pm

    Eek - 5) - I haven't spent enough time there. (Or I could copy Elin and say to visit you, but I don't know where that is!).

    Thanks for the nice distracting game after I have just done (another) copy review of the novel before sending it out again ...

  10. You are right--Portugal is not a place I often think about.

    1. Lisbon
    2. Don't know of a Portuguese author other than you.
    3. Christopher Colombus & Queen Isabella financing his exploratory trip.
    4. My own bed--that's what I miss whenever I travel.
    5. A restaurant for some wine and local food because I'd be hungry.
    6. To a certain extent I could understand some of the language, but it might not be too easy. That's from what my wife who is Spanish speaking has told me in the past. She apparently can understand Italian better than Portuguese.
    7. No, Portugal is a separate country that borders Spain. Historically speaking I'm sure there must be a connection but I really have no idea what that might be.
    8. Not knowing Portuguese I don't really know, but I'll guess it's something akin to "health" that might be similar to "cheers", "salud', or something of that nature? Or maybe what you might say if somebody sneezed?

    Now I'm going to see what others said to see how my answers compare.

    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog

    1. Thanks Lee - not bad going (but you're wrong about saudade!) :-)

    2. Oh, saudade! (can I use it as a curse word?)

      An A to Z Co-Host
      Tossing It Out

  11. 1:- Lisboa
    2:- João Aguiar and no I haven't read any of his works.
    3:- Ruby Port and Sporting Lisbon
    4:- I miss nothing from England. Well okay. Maybe Melton Mobray pork pies, Cheshire cheese and crumpets.
    5:- Passport control and then Sagres. Love the castle. Played there with a rock 'n' roll band in 1991.
    6:- There are similarities between Portuguese and Spanish but it's probably better not to let Spaniards know you can speak Portuguese and vice versa.
    7:- They are both on the Iberian peninsular. They don't like each other and the Portuguese don't kill the bull after a bull fight. At least, they didn't when I was there which is probably why there's more beef on a Spanish menu.
    8:- Longing, nostalgia or just plain missing. Which reminds me. I promised the Muppet a holiday there.

    1. BJ!!! Insider knowledge! You could get Cheshire cheese and crumpets but not the pork pies. Great answers.

    2. Insider knowledge? I only passed through Portugal once. In 1991. Fair enough, it did take from the beginning of March 'til the end of November and still remains my favourite place. Lots of good memories. Especially the 48° C in Portimao during the August and a suntan that took me two years to lose.

  12. 1. Lisbon
    3.The Atlantic Ocean's crashing waves on the dramatic coastline at Sagres. Oh, and port of course!
    4. Stilton cheese?
    5.Lisbon, because I've never been there and I want to visit the historical sites and learn more of the history
    6. No
    7. Most definitely not. I think their relationship is a little strained - or worse?
    8. I think it's one of those words that doesn't have an exact translation, but refers to a sort of nostalgic longing

    1. Thanks Cat! I love the way so many have said me as the famous author HA HA!!! Wrrroooong! You can get stilton cheese if you look for it but the Portuguese cheeses are fabulous. Great answers

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