Sunday, March 02, 2014

The Winners!

Late as usual - aren't we Brits supposed to be punctual? Must be the Portuguese unpunctuality rubbing off on me.

A week ago (ahem - just over) I posted a little competition (here) to see how much my lovely followers knew about Portugal. I was surprised that you knew so much and also had a good laugh at some of your answers. Here were the questions:

1. What's the capital of Portugal? (easy peasy)
2. Name a famous Portuguese author. Have you read anything by him or her?
3. When someone says, "Portugal", to you, what's the first thing that comes into your head?
4. If you came to Portugal on an extended visit, what do you think you would miss from your home (apart from family)?
5. If you came to Portugal on holiday, where would you go first and why?
6. If you can speak Spanish, do you think you can speak Portuguese?
7. Is Portugal part of Spain (and if you say "yes", you're eliminated!!!). What is the relationship between the two countries?
8. What does the word "saudade" mean?

1. Lisbon.
2. I loved that some of you said ME! I'm not famous, though :-( (nor really Portuguese). BJ Wells was right about João Aguiar. Sarah Tanburn was also right about Fernando Pessoa. But no-one mentioned my favourite author: Eça de Queiroz who wrote so many novels including the fabulous classics: The Maias and The Crime of Padre Amaro, both of which I highly recommend. Ummm...Paulo Coelho was Brazilian!!!!
3. I loved Kate Kelly's response of Fatima. Such a beautiful place that it doesn't matter what your religion is, it's just a peaceful and yet invigorating place to visit. 
4. Arlee Bird quite rightly said his bed and I think I'd agree with him. Alex Cavanaugh said he'd miss anyone understanding him but Alex, almost everyone speaks excellent English here, so that wouldn't be a problem.

5. Quite right, Arlee - head off to a restaurant for some great food and wine: 

I'd personally miss coffee:

6. No.
7. No! They live side by side (enough said).
8. Elin Gregory knows exactly what "saudade" means. It's the same in Welsh (LOL) : hiraedd. Sarah was right when she said "Saudade - wow. That's my last 18 months in one word. I shan't explain or vou começar a chorar." The last bit is "...or I'll start crying". There's no one word in English, it means an intense longing, an overwhelming wish to be somewhere or with someone.

OK - winners. Elin and Cat Cavendish already have my books, so I'm sure they don't want them again. So....because you support Sporting, BJ - I'll contact you and Arlee too!!!!!!

With that, I'll leave you with this...

Grandola by José Zeca Afonso


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