Monday, August 27, 2018

Book Review - Dormund Hibernate by C.J. Sutton

You don't hear me say this very often, but I've just read a dark (noir?) psychological thriller. Yes, me, the avid reader of romance and fantasy books.

I think it's due to the professional and talented writing of C.J. Sutton that kept me enthralled.

First, though, here's my review:

I'll be honest - this book scared the living daylights out of me, but I couldn't put it down! You can get the gist from the blurb already given, but it doesn't do the book justice. As I read I kept thinking that it was a different view of 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' - Jasper making me think of McMurphy. Yet there were no redeeming or cosy characters here. I doubt you'd find a more insane group of people in one place at the same time. Even the doctor didn't seem to be "all there". I can't fault the quality of the writing, the way the author kept me glued to the pages, wanting to know more (and me a rom-com addict!), the depth of the characters - yes, you get into the most warped minds that you're unlikely to forget easily. What a book - it deserves to be listed amongst the best of psychological thrillers. Oh - and watch for the twists.

The author's blog states that "Dortmund Hibernate" is 'Silence of the Lambs meets Shutter Island' and I don't doubt that one little bit. What a great read and I can't wait for another one from this author, who has a degree in journalism and creative writing, because he certainly knows how to capture his reader.

Here's the blurb to the book:

Psychologist Dr Magnus Paul is tasked with the patients of Dortmund Asylum; nine criminally insane individuals hidden from the world due to the extremity of their cases. Magnus has six weeks to prove them sane for transfer to a maximum-security prison, or label them as incurable and recommend a death sentence under a new government act. The small rural town of Dortmund and its inhabitants are the backdrop to the mayhem on the hill. As Magnus delves into the darkness of the incarcerated minds, his own sanity is challenged. Secrets squeeze through the cracks of the Asylum, blurring the line between reality and nightmare. And the most notorious man of all is strapped to the floor of his cell, urging Magnus towards a new life of desire…

C.J. Sutton, who can be found on his blog here , has a new book coming next year (also published by Crooked Cat Books): 

I'll be first in the queue for it!

Buy link:

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