Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Murderer's Wife by Daralyse Lyons

What a intriguing title and tag line - What happens when you love someone who does the unforgiveable?

Of course I have it on my Kindle ready and waiting to be read so I'll be posting a review soon. But I managed to grab the author Daralyse Lyons to sit her down in a comfy chair and ask about the book (which was released on 7th March this year)  

      Sue: Your new novel The Murderer’s Wife sounds fabulous. Tell us more about the plot.

Daralyse :Thank you so much!  The book is a love story wrapped within a mystery.  Its main character, Laura, is very much in love with her husband and happy with the life they’ve built together.  There’s only one minor problem: He’s a serial killer.

     Sue: Heavens above! If that doesn't make you want to read it, then I don't know what will. Here's the blurb for the book which makes me want to read it even more: 

Laura Cutty is in love with a murderer. 

She knew when she married him that Thomas Cutty was a killer. She accepts that about him, just as he accepts everything distasteful about her – like the way she cracks her knuckles when nervous or uses the last of the toilet paper without replacing the roll.

Twelve years of marriage and two beautiful babies later, and Laura and Thomas have learned to love the life they built together – a life that depends on Laura never asking the question: Who did Thomas kill last night?

     S. Daralyse, what prompted you to first start writing? What was the first thing you wrote?

D. Oh wow!  I have been writing since I was five years old.  I used to get in trouble for sneaking books under the covers and reading with a flashlight until well after I should’ve been asleep.  I also made up stories as a kid so have been blurring the line between fact and fiction for as long as I can remember.  In terms of published works, my first novel, The Lost Daughter, was released in 2006.

 S. Yes - you're definitely a born writer. 
  Do you plot your novels in advance, or allow them to develop as you write?

D.  Great question!  I do a mix of both.  I’ve learned the hard way that I need to have a general idea of where I’m headed but sometimes the characters take on lives of their own and I have to go where they want to go, not where I originally planned.

     S. Yes, I think I've learned that too - know my beginning and end before I start and then get the middle sorted out as it goes ahead. Daralyse, what’s the best part of the writing process…and the worst?

D. Editing is the bane of my existence, but I’m beginning to come to terms with the necessity of it.  I think the most fun is creating an idea and beginning to put it down on paper.

     S: If your main character came to dinner, what would you give him/her to eat?

D. If my main characters wanted dinner with me, I’d make sure we met at a restaurant – somewhere very public.  I don’t trust either of them farther than I can throw them.

    S.  I thought you might say that!! So, as long as you were safe, what would the conversation be about?

D. I would want to ask them about their latest victims and I’d especially want to ask Laura about the struggle of loving someone who does bad things.  But I’d probably lose my nerve and end up asking them about their kids.

    S. Yes, I can just imagine asking Laura how she could love a serial killer. What an imagination!  Did any novel inspire you?

D. So many novels inspire me.  And I am fascinated by other writers and the craft in general.  In terms of this specific project, the inspiration came to me when I was watching an episode of Law & Order: SVU.

    S. What’s coming up next, Daralyse?

D. At the moment, I’m working on a comprehensive memoir project that is perhaps my biggest undertaking so far.  But I’m also doing a lot to engage with readers about my existing 20 titles and have been hosting author events, blogging, and sharing new content.  If you’re interested in ongoing updates, check out my website and sign up for the newsletter for free chapters, author news, promos, and other surprises.

You can find more about Daralyse here (and there's lot more to find out :-) ):

Thursday, March 22, 2018

New Book by Heidi Catherine - The Truthseeker

I love finding a fabulous new author to read. A while ago I posted about Heidi Catherine and her inspirational new novel The Soulweaver which you can read about here

*Happy Dance!* Heidi Catherine has a sequel now available. The Truthseeker. 

Can she learn to forgive before her time runs out again? Or will the truth destroy her?

Maari doesn’t care that Nax is an outcast. She’s drawn to him in a way she can’t explain, determined to teach him to embrace the strange world they live in. But just as his heart opens wide, a force greater than them threatens to tear them apart.

Nax and Maari travel to the depths of the ocean to visit an old woman known as the Truthseeker. She unravels the mystery behind their connection, and warns them to run as far away from each other as they can. But staying away isn’t possible when you’ve found the person who brings your soul to life.

They travel to the depths of the ocean to visit an old woman known as the Truthseeker. She unravels the mystery behind their connection and warns them to run as far away from each other as they can. But staying away isn’t possible when you’ve found the person who brings your soul to life.

Far away, two sisters are born into extreme poverty, quickly discovering the key to their survival is their strength together. It isn’t until one sister threatens to steal away the love of other that their bond shatters and a true struggle for survival begins.

As these two stories merge into one, we learn that when soulmates meet, there’s nothing that can keep them apart. Except love.


Here's my review: 

This series just gets better and better. The Truthseeker sees the return of the Soulweavers, the Mother (although you might not recognise her), the Author and the new character the Truthseeker. Heidi Catherine's imagination holds no bounds in this book : the reader visits a planet far away where humans are evolving into fish; then the journey continues back to Earth to the slums of Mumbai, to London and back again. The author's sense of place is second to none - and I felt a connection to each setting I found myself in - and she is skilled at character-building.

There's a sense of profoundness in this novel which, I believe, has grown in each of her novels - just as my belief in the power of souls has grown. Thank you Heidi Catherine for an excellent read, one I never wanted to put down, one I didn't want to end and one I felt so happy to pick up to continue reading.

I thoroughly recommend The Truthseeker which you can buy here: 

Heidi Catherine's webpage:

Friday, February 16, 2018

Anne-Marie Ormsby and the Purgatory Hotel

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Anyone who follows my blog will know that I'm more than a little partial to paranormal books-

Anne-Marie Ormsby's "Purgatory Hotel" fits the bill perfectly and I can honestly say it's one of the best books I read in 2017.

Here's my review:

 I do like a little bit of paranormal to a story. Well I got it in shed-loads in Anne-Marie Ormsby's novel, Purgatory Hotel. When Dakota is murdered, her next stop on the fabric of the universe is Purgatory Hotel and I loved this part. I was reminded of a Tim Burton film with Dakota's fellow guests hanging about, clawing, swearing, being generally miserably and spooky, and sometimes evil, although her next door neighbour, Betty, is a lovely character. But then the story took on real curves as Dakota tries to discover the reason for her death, which entails a few trips back to Life. Ms Ormsby is a talented author, able to create characters that pop straight out of the pages and her imagination knows no limits. And the setting? Well, that's second to none. Well worth reading, not only for the Purgatory Hotel set, but also to discover the reason Dakota's there in the first place. And who murdered her?

Of course I had to meet the lady who wrote this fabulous book - and here she is: Anne-Marie Ormsby!

       S: I couldn’t put this book down! And you’ve got rave reviews. Is this your first book, or do you have others? (Or will there be others?)

A-M: Thank you so much, very kind of you to say you enjoyed it! This is my first book that I’ve had published. I do have several other ones sitting in metaphorical dust currently and another one that I have begun to write as hopefully my next novel.

    S: Oh, I'm looking forward to the next one. Tell me, why did you write about this subject ?

A-M: I’ve always been a bit fascinated by death and the afterlife and as I was raised Catholic there’s always a lot of ideas about what the afterlife would look like. I wanted to explore the possibilities of what could be alternative to the cloud adorned Heaven and the firey pit of Hell. I also wanted to examine what people will do in certain situations and when in toxic relationships. I think I enjoyed creating the world of Purgatory more than anything else.

S: It’s a really unique story-line. Where did you find the inspiration?

A-M: Inspiration comes to me from all sorts of things – movies, books music. Nick Cave was a big influence on me when I wrote this but a lot of the imagery of the hotel came from my personal love/fear relationship with hotels. I find the concept of being in a building with hundreds of rooms quite disturbing. You never know what’s going on down the hall…..

S: You never know indeed (creeps to check her own hall). It’s not a scary story – in fact, I think there might be some truth in it. If we could meet Dakota, your main character, what do you think she might tell us?

A-M: I think she would say she was a very lonely girl and that she missed her mum and dad. And that if she could go back, she might do some things differently….

S: Yes. I can believe she was lonely - I felt sorry for her. Do you have another book coming up? Will it be similar to Purgatory Hotel (she says, hopefully)?

A-M: The next book will again be paranormal fiction (hooray) but set in London rather than a fictional place. I have lived and worked in London for the last 10 years, I feel its time I wrote about it. The book will be an amalgam of a couple of different stories I've had floating around for years that never really had a home.There may well be links to Purgatory Hotel involved as well….

S: I'm really looking forward to that and not only as I'm from London, but also as there're links to Purgatory Hotel!  What advice would you give yourself before you had any books published?

A-M: Don’t give up. Someone somewhere will be as weird as you and they will get it.

You're not weird, Anne-Marie - you're talented.Thank you so much for joining me today, Anne-Marie. 
If you'd like to see more of this author go to:

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